HR Assistant

HR Assistant

  • Post Date:decembrie 12, 2022
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We are looking for a HR assistant who will help us organize, manage and solve all the recruiting processes + the administrative tasks related to the department. At HKR, we do a bit of everything, but mostly we’re focused on people, so we are looking for a person that won’t settle for less, will be always eager to do more and has the ability to interact well with others. We would like you to easily adapt, as we are growing fast so change is a daily constant. 


At the moment, the role is fully remote! But no worries, we have all the softwares and apps to optimize every bit of the operation. Currently, we are not planning to go back to the office this year, but even though we will find ourselves back in our cozy working place at one point, if you don’t feel like working in an office, we completely understand! We also love our beds. 

What you’ll do:

– Elaborate and verify timesheets for all employees
– Communicate with our HKR employees  
– Keep our invoices nice and tidy
– Check and update our employee’s files
– Estimate our office expenses, protocol supplies and makes sure they are purchased in due time
– Support and contribute to creating a positive vibe within our company and culture of teamwork
– Provide reports periodically when requested by management
– Help us make our employees happy, included, and aware of our company culture.
– Support us onboard new employees (be prepared for quite a big flow in some parts of the year) and follow up with every one of them to have a nice experience. We believe each and every one is important here 🙂 
– Provide necessary information to our employees when needed
– Help our Office Manager decide where we spend our team building events and plan them for us. 
– And last but not least, you’ll learn how to use a bunch of cool apps that people will love.

Recommended skill set:


– Strong written and verbal communication skills both in English and Romanian 

– Your email formatting is top-notch, you respect and create standards and you’re OCD about anything that looks out of place.

– The ability to connect with people

– You should communicate clearly and really important – you have great active listening skills.

– Self-starter and organized: you require zero micro-management; you decide and you commit to action. 

– Almost a Technology nerd –  G suit is our best friend and along with it, we have some other cool tech friends. No pressure here, we’ll help you understand our apps (Slack, Asana, Google Hangouts) and how they can make your life easier.

– You like to chit-chat with people both on the phone and face to face –   Google Hangouts will help you with our online meetings. No need to waste your time in traffic, we understand how precious time can be.

– You know when and how to work your magic in delicate situations.

– Constant learner, especially in the communication and technology branch.

– University degree (preferably economics or social sciences)



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